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Neptune's Volleyball Tournament

When: September 27, 2014 - September 28, 2014, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: 32nd - 36th Streets, Virginia Beach Oceanfront
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2 v 2 and 4 v 4 play heats up the sand as men, women, and coed divisions compete for titles on the oceanfront.  Hosted in cooperation with Volleyball Virginia, numerous skill level classes are available for entry.  Set and spike your weekend to a new level by getting your piece of the beach at Neptune's Volleyball Tournament.  Games begin at 9:00am on both days.

Volleyball Virginia offers two ways to pre-register for this event - Teams can generate a printed entry form and mail in with a check or money order, or teams can enter on-line using a credit card. For more information, please contact Volleyball Virginia at (757) 467-4719. 





Women's BB
1st Kristan Music (Arlington, Va.) and Vicky Carrasco (Silver Springs, Md.)
2nd Marci Martinez (Williamsburg, Va.) and Mel Samples (Fredericksburg, Va.)
3rd Kamryn Johnson (Moyock, N.C.) and Lauren Baumgardner (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th Margarita Wong (Alexandria, Va.) and Melinda Randolph (Alexandria, Va.)

Men's BB
1st Lamgee Wong (Alexandria, Va) and Mark Rusnak (Alexandria, Va.)
2nd Loren "seksypantz" Lulushi (Sterling, Va.) and Bretto "auzilicious" Ross (Sterling, Va.)
3rd Brett Garner (Wilmington, N.C.) and Kyle Garner (Wilmington, N.C.)
4th Kris "wounded knee" Velazquez (Va. Beach, Va.) and Gomer Santos (Chesapeake, Va.)

Women's A
1st Cameron Caudel (Wilmington, N.C.) and Megan Cook (Wilmington, N.C.)
2nd Heather Boros (Va. Beach, Va.) and Monica Gilley (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd Kim Leidel (Va. Beach, Va.) and Tiffany Sanford (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th Laura Muiznieks (Springfield, Va.) and Karen Tracey (Chantilly, Va.)

Men's A
1st Chadd St. Pierre (Arlington, Va.) and Dave Jones (Arlington, Va.)
2nd Sean Stiltner (Va. Beach, Va.) and Brian Doyle (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd Paul Hwang (Va. Beach, Va.) and CJ Grotewohl (Norfolk, Va.)
4th Hal Mobley (Atlanta, Ga.) and JC Goodwin (Atlanta, Ga.)

Women's AA
1st Lindsay Callahan (Richmond, Va.) and Lauren Miles (Richmond, Va.)
2nd Kelly Scharver (Va. Beach, Va.) and Nicole Keroack (Washington, D.C.)
3rd Megan Robert (Va. Beach, Va.) and Sarah Scheurich (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th Krissy Gay (Va. Beach, Va.) and Janet Lawson (Va. Beach, Va.)

Men's AA
1st Brett Rosenmeier (Va. Beach, Va.) and Chase Howard (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd Kurt "vanilla thunder" Hawickhorst (Va. Beach, Va.) and Paul LaRoche (Hampton, Va.)
3rd Randy Jones (Richmond, Va.) and TJ Purcell (Glen Allen, Va.)
4th Josh Melson (Hampton, Va.) and Cody Kennedy (Hampton, Va.)

Coed Fours
1st Slumlords
Gary Armstrong (Va. Beach, Va.)
Joyce Stafford (Va. Beach, Va.)
Gary Eckert (Va. Beach, Va.)
Kerrie Muns (Va. Beach, Va.)

2nd Orange Crush
Chris Crayton (Suffolk, Va.)
Brain Melchers (Va. Beach, Va.)
Joyce Johnson (Va. Beach, Va.)
Leslie Urie (Va. Beach, Va.)

3rd Mr. Long and Friends
Brian Long (Va. Beach, Va.)
Trey Vineyard (Va. Beach, Va.)
Beth Bowes (Va. Beach, Va.)
Rita Rombaoa (Va. Beach, Va.)

4th Hams
Gail Cunningham (Va. Beach, Va.)
Jason Seaford (Va. Beach, Va.)
Mark Cunningham (Va. Beach, Va.)
May Robertson (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed BB
1st Greg Thompson (Va. Beach, Va.) and Ashley "mop head" Thompson (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd Michael Wakefield (Charlottesville, Va.) and Ashley Ragland (Charlottesville, Va.)
3rd Joseph Atkins (Va. Beach, Va.) and Ashley Burgess (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th John Tran (Fairfax, Va.) and Monica Noncheva (Fairfax, Va.)

Coed A
1st Carol Marley (Toano, Va.) and Chris Robinson (Williamsburg, Va.)
2nd Dave Jones (Arlington, Va.) and Rachelle Pecovsky (Washington, D.C.)
3rd Andy Jaeckle (Va. Beach, Va.) and Jennifer Jaeckle (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th Gene Wade (Va. Beach, Va.) and Lisa Cassidy (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed AA
1st Brian "i normally boycott this event" Gilmore (Chesapeake, Va.) and Rachel Frankenberger (Chesapeake, Va.)
2nd Sarah Scheurich (Va. Beach, Va.) and Bryce "the roof" Sparks (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd Tracy Williams (Hillscrest, N.C.) and Fracis Baluyot (Syosset, NY)
4th Jamie-Lee Richards (Va. Beach, Va.) and Kevin Peoples (Va. Beach, Va.)



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