The Neptune Legend

The legend of Neptune says that this Roman god was King of the Sea. Carrying his trident, a three-pronged spear, Neptune would drive in his dolphin-pulled chariot over the waters, calming the waters wherever he went. Since the beginning of the Neptune Festival, every year people from the Virginia Beach community have been chosen to play the part of King Neptune and his Royal Court.

The Selection Process

The King is chosen by the Neptune Festival committee from nominations solicited from the general public. The selection process weighs criteria such as demonstrated involvement and contribution to the quality of life in Virginia Beach and active participation in the activities of community life.

Joining King Neptune are Tritons, men of the community, who are also selected by nomination and an understanding of the spirit of the Neptune Festival.

The Neptune Princesses are chosen in an open competition November of their junior year of high school. Click Here to download the 2017 Princess Application

Once chosen, the King and his Court become ambassadors for the City throughout the year.