Statue Facts


Height:(statue & base) 34 feet Head: 6 ½ feet tall
Shoulders: 12 feet across
Weight: 12 ½ tons
Dolphins (2): 17 and 15 feet
Loggerhead Turtle: 11 feet (diameter)
Octopus: 8 feet

Casting Process Materials

80 tons of clay
25 tons of plaster
1 ton of glue
7500 grinding and sanding discs

Proudly welcoming local residents and visitors alike, a 34-foot, cast bronze Neptune statue stands at the gateway to Neptune Park and the threshold of the sea. Constructed entirely through the generosity of private contributions gathered by the Neptune Festival, this statue is dedicated to the city of Virginia Beach and its citizens. Surrounded by the creatures of his realm, mighty trident in hand, Neptune’s gaze rests affectionately on the shore. His heroic visage honors the maritime legacy of Virginia Beach while also standing as a vivid reminder of the community’s duty to respect and protect our natural blessings.

The statue was dedicated to the City of Virginia Beach on September 30, 2005 during the Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend; it now graces the boardwalk at 31st street, overlooking Neptune’s Park.

The Sculptor

Artists from around the world were considered before Virginia-based sculptor, Paul DiPasquale was commissioned to create Neptune’s statue. DiPasquale has created numerous permanent public installations, including the bronze statue of Arthur Ashe on Richmond’s famous Monument Avenue. His work has been exhibited in the United States and Europe and he has earned recognition in major print and media for his insightful creations. He continues to live and work in Richmond, Virginia.

Neptune Statue Copyright Information:

The statue of King Neptune at Neptune Park was the result of a collaborative effort initiated and coordinated by the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival. The Festival conceived the idea of erecting such a statue and commissioned the celebrated Richmond sculptor, Paul DiPasquale, to design and create this massive piece of public art. It was funded entirely by private monies raised within the Neptune Festival family and used no public or publicly solicited funding. Working with Mr. DiPasquale and Mr. James Xu of Evergreen Enterprises, a Richmond business, the statue was constructed, then dedicated to the City of Virginia Beach in September during the 2005 Neptune Festival; it now graces the boardwalk at 31st Street & Atlantic Avenue, overlooking Neptune's Park.

Paul DiPasquale Sculpture, LLC holds the copyright registration in the King Neptune Statue.

“King Neptune: The Making of the Myth”, a documentary about the creation of the statue, was produced by Paul Michels of Coastal Training Technologies Corporation and is the property of the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival.