Venue: 4th-10th Streets, Virginia Beach Oceanfront

    How else can one describe this new and improved event any other way than with an experience? With a world-class venue, talent, and prize purse, Neptune's International Sandsculpting Championship has distinguished itself as a premier event unlike any other for miles.  From the gallery feel and extended viewing hours, your sandsculpting fill can be quelled with a single visit.


    It's been the signature event of the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival since its inception.  Now it becomes the signature event of an entire region as the International Sandsculpting Championship expands to ten days.  With an international field of sculptors representing countries from around the world, the expansion of the competition puts this as one of the most distinctive events of its kind in the world.



    A huge tent, almost as large as a football field, will house 22 sculptures created by 12 solo and 10 doubles teams! Sculptors will compete for the largest prize purse awarded in the country. 

    • Extended viewing time of 10 days
    • Expanded walkways and viewing areas providing an intimate view of the process and artwork
    • Improved lighting for viewing into the evening hours
    • Protection from wind and rain, providing an entertainment option no matter the weather!
    • Unique photo opportunities
    • Live music and entertainment exclusive to the sandsculpting tent
    • Teaching demos and live "QuickSand" competitions (These sculptors are quick on their feet!)
    • Meet and Greet opportunities with the extremely talented pool of sculptors!


    32 of the world's most talented sculptors will be in Virginia Beach creating incredible works of art for our viewing pleasure. Want to learn more about the talented field of artists competing in the 2015 International Sandsculpting Championship, Masters Division? Click here! 


    Click here to view the 2015 International Sandsculpting Championship Winners

    Click here to view the 2014 International Sandsculpting Championship Winners

    Click here to view the 2013 International Sandsculpting Championship Winners


    Each sculpture is so intricate and beautiful, it's hard to narrow down a favorite. Thankfully, that's not our job! Click here to learn more about the judges who are tasked with selecting the best of the best at the 2015 International Sandsculpting Championship.


    Neptunes Land of Sand Hours:

    Friday, 9/30: 9 am – 11 pm
    Saturday, 10/1: 9 am – 11 pm
    Sunday, 10/2: 9 am – 9 pm
    Monday – Friday: 10/3 â€“ 10/7: 10 am – 6 pm
    Saturday, 10/8: 10 am – 6 pm
    Sunday, 10/9: 10 am – 6 pm
    Admission: $5 per person. 12 and under is free while accompanied with adult. Free discount lunch coupon with admission ticket.
    Tent is wheelchair and stroller accessible.  NO ANIMALS allowed in the tent.

    Amateur Sandsculpting -
    School Division and Freelance Sculpting Divisions
    During Boardwalk Weekend, you can also cheer on your favorite local school or freelance entrant as the amateur division shows its style. Pre-registration is required to participate. 
    Saturday, 10/1: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
    School Division: 4th – 6th Streets
    Freelance Division: 8th – 10th Streets


    The Neptune Festival is thrilled to announce the return of our Sandsculpting Charitable Partner:  The Governor's School for the Arts!

    The Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) is a center for innovation that develops excellence, nurtures creativity, inspires artistic vision and builds communities with a passion for the Arts.  GSA is a regional secondary arts school sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education and the public school divisions of Chesapeake, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Southampton, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.  GSA provides intensive, pre-professional individualized instruction in Dance, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Musical Theatre and Theatre, and Visual Arts.  Students attend their home high school in the mornig and attend GSA in the afternoon for three hours each school day during the adacemic year.  Transportation is provided to GSA by the local school divisions.  Students may earn three credits for each year they attend GSA. Admission to GSA is by audition.  Any student in grades 8 -11 is eligible to apply.  Applicants who pass the audition may then apply to the school and must provide teacher recommendations and permission from their high school principal. To attend GSA, the student must be enrolled in a public high school in one of the eight participating school divisions. -   Find us on FACEBOOK   or call 757.451.4711





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