Neptune's Volleyball Tournament

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Sept 29 - 30, 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

32nd - 36th Streets, Virginia Beach Oceanfront


Women's BB

1st Place: Cadence Nguyen (Va. Beach, Va.) and Rayne Manning (Va. Beach, Va.)

2nd Place: Kaitlyn Knauss (Camden, N.C.) and Brianna Pecora (Camden, N.C.)

3rd Place: Alexis Livingston (Chesapeake, Va.) and McKayla Knauss (Camden, N.C.)

4th Place: Monica Yullari (Va. Beach, Va.) and Shelly Abriss (Seattle, Washington)

Women's A

1st Place: Carol Marley (Toano, Va.) and Wendy Marshall (Gloucester Point, Va)

2nd Place: Lois "played by lois" Prince (Chesapeake, Va.) and Michelle "cookies" Neaves (Va. Beach, Va.)

3rd Place: Jennifer Jaeckle (Va. Beach, Va.) and Kara Messick (Va. Beach, Va.)

4th Place: Ashley Thomas (Williamsburg, Va.) and ReNaye Dame (Ware Neck, Va.)

Women's AA

1st Place: Payton Brunick (Va. Beach, Va.) and Madison Brunick (Va. Beach, Va.)

2nd Place: Holly Allman (Chesterfield, Va.) and Liz Brown (Richmond, Va.)

3rd Place: Kamryn "boomstick" Johnson (Moyock, N.C.) and Ashley "mophead" Thompson (Va.Beach, Va.)

4th Place: Amanda Watson (Williamsburg, Va.) and Roberta Costigliola (Newport News, Va

2 v 2 and 4 v 4 play heats up the sand as men, women, and coed divisions compete for titles on the oceanfront. Hosted in cooperation with Volleyball Virginia, numerous skill level classes are available for entry. Set and spike your weekend to a new level by getting your piece of the beach at Neptune's Volleyball Tournament. Games begin at 9:00am on both days.

Volleyball Virginia offers two ways to pre-register for this event - Teams can generate a printed entry form and mail in with a check or money order, or teams can enter on-line using a credit card. For more information, please contact Volleyball Virginia at (757) 497-8282.

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Men's BB

1st Place: Zac Hand (Cape Charles, Va.) and Joe Pierson (Cape Charles, Va.)

2nd Place: Eric Weaver (Fredericksburg, Va.) and Michael Libeau (King George, Va.)

3rd Place: Liam French (Va. Beach, Va.) and Will Webb (Va. Beach, Va.)

4th Place: Joey Elkins (Chesapeake, Va.) and Kyle Cassidy (Va. Beach, Va.)

Men's A

1st Place: Chris Hurst (Gloucester, Va.) and Jesse Thomas (Williamsburg, Va.)

2nd Place: Gene Wade (Va. Beach, Va.) and Ken "pasty" Kerr (Va. Beach, Va.)

3rd Place: Nick Wehbe (Springfield, Va.) and Jason Weast (Va. Beach, Va.)

4th Place: Jonathan Cole (Hampton, Va.) and Jamal Christian

Men's AA

1st Place: Jordan Tackett (Frederickburg, Va.) and Ryan Brown (Richmond, Va.)

2nd Place: Josh Bailey (Va. Beach, Va.) and Joey Gordon (Newport News, Va.)

3rd Place: Tyler Gorman (Alexandria, Va.) and Tez Clark (Washington, D.C.)

4th Place: Scott Drew (Va. Beach, Va.) and Greg Thompson (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed BB

1st Place: Joey Elkins (Chesapeake, Va.) and Alexis Livingston (Chesapeake, Va.)

2nd Place: Will Webb (Va. Beach, Va.) and Abby Bruce (Va. Beach, Va.)

3rd Place: Heather Schanzel (Hickory, N.C.) and Joe Cline (Myrtle Beach, S.C.)

4th Place: John Russell (Va. Beach, Va.) and Brita Hampton (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed A

1st Place: David Rodriquez (Va. Beach, Va.) and Roberta Costigliola (Newport News, Va.)

2nd Place: Tracy Williams (Bayside, NY) and Francis Baluyot (Bayside, NY)

3rd Place: Michael Wakefield (Charlottesville, Va.) and Cindy Eckard (Charlottesville, Va.)

4th Place: Jessica "paperclips" Staples (Chesapeake, Va.) and Cody Spruill (Chesapeake, Va.)

Coed AA

1st Place: Heather Deming (Charlottesville, Va.) and Kyle Hawk (Richmond, Va.)

2nd Place: Roger Oliva (Washington D.C.) and Lisa Oktayuren (Charlottesville, Va.)

3rd Place: Tristan Butcher (Williamsburg, Va.) and Amanda Watson (Willamsburg, Va.)

4th Place: John Dominic (Va. Beach, Va.) and Kat Kaminski (Va. Beach, Va.)