Venue: 32nd - 36th Streets, Virginia Beach Oceanfront

    2 v 2 and 4 v 4 play heats up the sand as men, women, and coed divisions compete for titles on the oceanfront.  Hosted in cooperation with Volleyball Virginia, numerous skill level classes are available for entry.  Set and spike your weekend to a new level by getting your piece of the beach at Neptune's Volleyball Tournament.  Games begin at 9:00am on both days.


    Volleyball Virginia offers two ways to pre-register for this event - Teams can generate a printed entry form and mail in with a check or money order, or teams can enter on-line using a credit card. For more information, please contact Volleyball Virginia at (757) 497-8282.





    2014 RESULTS


    Men's BB
    1st Place: Mike Libeau (King George, Va.) and Eric Weaver (Fredericksburg, Va.)
    2nd Place: Mike Johnson and Donnie Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.)
    3rd Place: Curtis Turner and Dan Schmidt (Wilmington, N.C.)
    4th Place: Joe Trotta (Va. Beach, Va.) and Chris Wicham (Norfolk, Va.)


    Women's BB
    1st Place: Scottie Johnson (Va. Beach, Va.) and Taylor Webb (Eastern Shore, Va.)
    2nd Place: Athena Keene and Alicia Clark (Mechanicsville, Va.)
    3rd Place: Samantha Verhaggen  and Hana Catgenova (Va. Beach, Va.)
    4th Place: Mason McCaleb (Richmond, Va.) and Paula Schuler (Midlothian, Va,)


    Men's A
    1st Place: Mark Nelson (Locust Grove, Va.) and Robby Cotton (Fredericksburg, Va.)
    2nd Place: Brian Baker (Yorktown, Va.) and James Olvera (Newport News, Va.)
    3rd Place: Cory Parker (Bowling Green, Va.) and Jesse Morgan (Fredericksburg, Va.)
    4th Place: Taz Stacy (Va. Beach, Va.) and Daniel Dederick (Yorktown, Va.)

    Women's A
    1st Place: Sam Stiles (Norfolk, Va.) and Kaya Cortado (Va. Beach, Va.)
    2nd Place: Lori Ramey and Frances Bernier (Fredericksburg, Va.)
    3rd Place: Nicole Ligon (Mechanicsvilles, Va.) and Linette Bond (Norfolk, Va.)
    4th Place: Jayna Francis and Ashley "Mophead" Thompson (Va. Beach, Va.)

    Men's AA
    1st Place: Matt Florian and Brad Schwartz (Olney, Md)
    2nd Place: Chadd St. Pierre and Dave Jones (Arlington, Va.)
    3rd Place: Shane Limbaugh (Norfolk, Va.) and Joey Gordan (Matthews County, Va.)
    4th Place: Chris Unger Jr. and Chris Unger Sr. (Richmond, Va.)

    Women's AA
    1st Place: Amy Schmidt (Norfolk, Va.) and Sarah Scheurich (Va. Beach, Va.)
    2nd Place: Savannah Marshall and Jessie Freeman (Va. Beach, Va.)
    3rd Place: Chloe Stratiou (Chesterfield, Va.) and Eleanor Anne Lafoon (Richmond, Va.)
    4th Place: Jennifer Valencia (Va. Beach, Va.) and Megan Robert (Norfolk, Va.)


    Coed BB
    1st Place: Joe Trotta (Va. Beach, Va.) and Nia Ingram (Denver, Co.)
    2nd Place: Tim "Iron Man" Crowley and Samantha Crowley (Va. Beach, Va.)
    3rd Place: Marci Martinez  and Luis Martinez (New Kent, Va.)
    4th Place: Matt Bowman (Va. Beach, Va.) and Karen Futty (Chesapeake, Va.)

    Coed A
    1st Place: Kyle Ferencik (Va. Beach, Va.) Alison Eagan (Va. Beach, Va.)
    2nd Place: Tony Dixon (Herdon, Va.) and Joanne Michaels (Springfield, Va.)
    3rd Place: Chris Robinson (Williamsburg, Va.) and Carol Marley (Williamsburg, Va.)
    4th Place: Russ Cunningham  and Kai Cunningham (Va. Beach, Va.)

    Coed AA
    1st Place: Christina Ayers and Jeremy Ayers (Wilmington, Del)
    2nd Place: Joey Gordon and Rachel Close (Mathews County, Va.)
    3rd Place: Christine Schlegelmilch and Paul Puskoriles (Vienna, Va.)
    4th Place: Bridget Kulesh (Gaithersburg, Md.) and Brad Schwartz (Potomac, Md.)

    Coed 4x's
    1st Place: Emily Shea (Chesapeake, Va.), Dylan Petrin (Md), Cody Spruill (Chesapeake, Va.) and Jessica "Paperclips" Staples
    2nd Place: Glen Canterbury (Chesapeake, Va.), Joyce Stafford (Va. Beach, Va.), Gary Armstrong (Va. Beach, Va.) and Mary Joe Fama (Va. Beach, Va.)
    3rd Place: Kim Kolden (Alexandria, Va.), Jessica Kolden (Alexandria, Va.), Jessica Heavenridge (Alexandria, Va.) and Patrick Clancy (Alexandria, Va.)
    4th Place: Chris Crayton (Suffolk, Va.) and Kris Velazquez (Va. Beach, Va.), Christina Velazquez (Va. Beach, Va.) and Leslie Urie (Chesapeake, Va.)