The Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show features over 240 artisans displaying handmade work from paintings and sculptures, to photography and glasswork. Mosey your way through the tents and displays and find a piece of the show to bring home with you!

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Show Location

18th through 29th Street on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Show Hours

Friday, September 30

Saturday, October 1

Sunday, October 2:

Art Work Eligibility

This juried art show requires pre-registration to participate, but viewing is free and open to the public.

Artists and craftsmen of original work in all media are eligible for the show, with acceptance based on a jury process. This show does not include a section for commercial or imported products. In all cases, the spirit of our guidelines intends that the work depend heavily on the “handmade” aspect of art and craft. We do not allow buy/sell and we reserve the right to remove work from the show that violates our policies and guidelines. All accepted artists are eligible for awards.

We will devote an area of the boardwalk to selected exhibitors who display work with the highest degree of originality, handcrafting and excellence. It will be only these exhibitors who are eligible for the cash awards. The decison of the show committee is final.

The festival includes a commercial section that is not part of this art and craft show.

2017 Show Information:

CLICK HERE to submit an application for the 2017 Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show.
The deadline to submit an application is 5/31/17 Midnight EST.

For more information please contact Sharon Tanner at
or call the Neptune Festival office at (757) 498-0215.

2015 Show Winners

1st Place:
Larry Ringgold | Chesapeake Beach, MD

Large-scale grazing horse. Great care was taken in crafting this figure from driftwood so that it give an uncanny impression of a horse.

2nd Place:
Molly Strader | Perrysburg, OH

Tiny, hammered silver teapot supported by faux elephant tusks so that it resembles an elephant head with the spout as its trunk. Outstanding craftsmanship, and truly inspired.

3rd Place:
Inna Poole | North Palm Beach, FL

Full length coat with rose design hem. The entire coat was needle-felted from wool yarn. A painstaking approach was applied to create a truly unique wearable this is a work of art, as as well as attractive when worn.

Award of Merit:
John Kellum | Orlando FL

Raku ceramic triple teapot. Unique and fanciful sculptured and surprisingly delicate form, with the long, thin spouts, difficult to pull off in the rugged process of raku.

Award of Merit:
Julie Schuszler | Gloucester, VA

Painting of an upward view of a palm tree titled “Naples Nuts”. It’s hard to make a tropics-themed painting stand out in the crowd, but this artist’s craftsmanship achieved that.

Award of Merit:
Jessica Keemer | Lancaster, PA

Large ‘jellyfish” necklace made from torch-blown glass pieces. She is an experienced glass artist who is working on a master’s degree in environmental sciences. The clear glass forms have a hint of color and float across the chest like a “smack” (the term applied to a group of jellyfish).

Award of Merit:
Christopher Doherty | Jupiter, FL

Color closeup photograph of two yellow fish “kissing” amid the coral. He caught the amazing moment while photographing whales underwater in the American Samoa Islands.

Award of Merit:
Robert Stadnycki | Harrisburg, PA

“Octopus coat”. Outside fabric is white, screenprinted in black with his octopus design. He designed and printed all of the fabrics in his collection. Just as importantly, his designs are flattering when worn.

2015 SHOW INFORMATION: Click Here for the 2015 Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show Artist Listing