Stephie Jones is a fine artist living and working in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A graduate of James Madison University, she launched her career as an artist after a near-death experience caused her to make a few life changes and pursue her passion. She paints bright, lively and colorful work in multiple mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor. Her work (original paintings and limited edition prints) can be found on her website, stephiejones.com.

“The first time I saw the ocean, I was greeted by an endless stream of shells. All free, all for me, no limited supply. I was inspired and elated. I’d comb through them and lose time. It’s also how I feel about the people I see at the beach. In creating this painting I tried to capture my own early feelings about there being no beginning or end, no start or stop, so much variety and activity without limits. The beach is a place to explore. To think. To not think. Swim or don’t. Read or sleep. Tan or burn. Float or surf. Laugh or cry. Find a creature. Lose a creature. It invites you to wander. To wonder. To come back.”

The 2019 poster is 18″x24″ and suitable for framing.


Double Wave Divider