2013 Commemorative Poster



Virginia Beach artist Lisa Ashinoff was commissioned for the original artwork for the 2014 Neptune Festival Commemorative Poster. Ashinoff’s inspiration for this year’s poster came to her while traveling home to Virginia Beach from a trip to Florida. She envisioned the beach set up with the umbrella, chair, wine bottle, and flip-flops, all looking out to the water. She wanted to depict a beach scene that implied that King Neptune had been hanging out for a while but decided to perhaps go for a swim, a walk, or a sail. The images for the scene, including the sky, water, sand, and boats, were all pulled from previous photos she had taken from her artist booth during previous Neptune Festival weekends. A close look at the painting reveals a couple of subtle details. On one boat there is a Neptune insignia. On another there are the Roman numerals “XL” alongside the number 40, which both stand for the 40th anniversary of the Neptune Festival. “I am honored to be this year’s poster artist, “ says Ashinoff, who is getting married the week before Boardwalk Weekend.

A passionate participate in painting and drawing since she was a young girl, Ashinoff began the serious study of art at age eight. She continued that study through graduation from Cape Henry Collegiate and then at Bard College in New York, eventually receiving her BFA at Florida International University in Miami. As an avid surfer, photographer and world-traveler, Lisa’s inspiration as an artist comes from her love of the water. Her unique style shows through her use of lighting and layers of vibrant colors. She has been recognized with several “Best in Show” awards from some of the most competitive juried art shows in the country, including Neptune Festival Art and Craft Show in 2011. She is a full time artist living in Virginia Beach, and travels year round to art festivals along the eastern seaboard from Florida to New England. Of special note is that Ashinoff is getting married the
week before this year’s Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend.