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Since the beginning of the Neptune Festival in 1974, dedicated citizens of the Virginia Beach community have been chosen to play the part of beach ambassadors as King Neptune and the Royal Court.

Upon completion of your reign as a Neptune Festival Royal Ambassador or King spouse/significant other, you are entitled to join the Royal Ladies community. As a member of this community, you receive benefits such as tickets to events, invitations to networking opportunities, direct charitable opportunities, and more. Membership dues are required, and must be paid annually. The payment deadline for membership in the 2022 Royal Ladies is January 31, 2022.

The Royal Ladies community has become a vital part of the Neptune Festival organization. Volunteering precious time away from your home and work lives, Royal Ladies assist in the kind of behind-the-scenes support that is invaluable - from fundraising to event setup, from stuffing envelopes to answering phones - you do it all. THANK YOU!

FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW BEFORE PAYING YOUR ROYAL LADY DUES. Upon completion of the form, you will be directed to checkout for payment.